Law Enforcement


The STS Group includes Obscured Technology, our Oklahoma based manufacturer for our LEO (Law Enforcement Only) IP  Video Surveillance.  The Core Platform developed initially by Obscured Technogy, proven inncredibly stable and used by many Law Enforcement Agencies, both State and Federal.


The STS TVPN® or Tactical Virtual Private Network is truly a deployable system for many tactical situations and applications for Law Enforcement. You must be in Law Enforcement to access  our site at



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STS  TVPN® works  on  Night vision and  Thermal Imaging Scopes.  The  RDN creates a  secure  Wifi  for all assets  using the system. For a full matrix go to  the STS  OBSCURED Website.

2018 - We will no longer provide IP Based Video Solutions or Tactical Optics. We will continue to design and make Automatic Knives under our new name and line